Outstanding performers at dance festivals and
traditional story telling theatre presentations
in Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea.

Kaikuali Theatre Dance Group

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Kaikuali Theatre Dance Group, Papua New Guinea Traditional Pacific Island dance and story telling theatre is alive and active in Papua New Guinea, and outdoor performances at various places around Alotau were one of the unexpected highlights of my visit.

Star performers on several occasions were the Kaikuali Theatre Group, based just a little way out of town at Waema Village.

The group formed over 15 years ago and has maintained its strong identity and enthusiasm over the years, a remarkable achievement in the face of continuing economic challenges and social change in Papua New Guinea.

They are steadily expanding their repertoire of traditional stories, and working in collaboration with village elders and hereditary custodians of oral culture to devise new presentations.

Group members at the time of these pictures (September 1999) included:
Richard Salum - Lead Actor, Dancer, Instructor
Piti John - Costume Designer, Actor
Gerry Kedalawa - Treasurer, Vocals
Lindsay Bonihele - Costume Designer, Actor
Willie Pupuka - Dancer, Actor, Vocals
Maybal Reresi - Dancers, Actress, Vocals
Ivan Perua - Dancer, Actor, Vocals
Michael Malona - Dancer, Vocals
John Dondon - Vocals
Lita Wamarau - Dancer, Vocals
Jane Salum - Dancer, Vocals
Gregory Michael - Vocals
Jacinta Gabriel - Dancer, Vocals
Peter Kenneth - Dancer, Vocals
Petty Banabas - Dancer, Vocals
Bobby Wilson - Vocals
Bendy Napoleon - General Secretary

The group has previously performed in Australia and other Pacific Islands, and is very keen to participate in forthcoming festivals, provided sponsors can assist with expenses. Festival organisers can contact them by writing to:

Bendy Napoleon
Secretary, Kaikuali Theatre Group
PO Box Box 539
Alotau, MBP
Papua New Guinea

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