Story and pictures copyright © 1999 Julia Hazel
Fantastic diving around Milne Bay,
Papua New Guinea

September-October 1999

All these pics were taken while Jeshan and I tagged along with Marlin 1, exploring Milne Bay waters at the south eastern end of Papua New Guinea. The picture at the left shows both boats anchored as Lauadi.

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This is a fantastic area for diving, and my photos (all taken with old and very basic equipment) don't nearly do it justice. Far better to see for yourself!

It's easy. Just go to the Marlin 1 web site for details. Then let Wayne and Lee look after you -- that's them in the picture at the right.

Others on this page are a just a few of the interesting characters I met. Most of them will probably be there to welcome you too!

Story and pictures copyright © 1999 Julia Hazel

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