Photos from the Hoffmann-Kuhnt family

Lotte and Martin - February 2001

Stefan, Beatriz and Patrick - December 2001

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Martin and Lotte - left - and
their extended family below.

Lotte explains who's who:

"The photos were taken in February, when we returned from Capetown.

On the picture of young families there is Georg at the left, behind him his wife Uschi and on his knees his eldest son Nico.

Than comes Stefan, next to him his wife Beatriz and on his knees Franziska, his goddaughter, the second daughter of Lorenz.

Than comes Lorenz, next to him his wife Andi and on his knees his eldest daughter Larissa and at the right is sitting Adrian with Georg's second son Robin."
Stefan and Beatriz had a baby boy Patrick in August 2001. Here are mother and son on 3 December 2001.

They are now living in the USA - please see new email address in contacts.

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