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Family Get-Together in Cape Town
December 2000 - January 2001

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   Amazingly all the last minute plans fell into place and we managed to get together for a BIG family gathering in Cape Town between Christmas and New Year.

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Christmas morning at Paul and Linds' house Da Muddies and sons: Mish, Paul, Carl, Jessie For Lybi and Zak it's a crazy Christmas at Kommetjie, for the SA crew it's fun in the sun as usual
Maybe she needs a better navigator? Jules flew north from Cairns... and then had a long wait in Singapore for the next plane to Cape Town! Happy to see each other again at Tiller Point - Carl, Hans, Mary, Jessie, Mish Jessie feeds wild geese (getting tamer every day!) on the lawn at Tiller Point
Zak, Cath, Laura and Temba The boys get busy washing Hans and Jessie's cars, Carl and Shingi in the foreground Jeff, Lindsay, Laura and Cath
Mish, Carl, Paul, Jules, Hans, Jessie Jeff and Kaylene Temba, Zak, Amiel and Shingi were in the midst of playing Lego and computer games, but obligingly looked up for a quick photo
Paul and Linds masterminded the whole CT operation, including logistics and communications, accommodation, food, fun and dishwashing. No one knows how they still manage to look so laid back!

Laura, Marc, Paul and Linds in the NEW car, about to go... vrrrrrroooooooom! ...and if you can't see how special this car is, just remember it's a tiger in pussycat disguise
Jessie on one of her regular walks to check on the progress of plants she donated to the revegetation project on the small island opposite Tiller Point house Temba with his cockatiel Chiquita (a Christmas present) a day or two after she arrived. He quickly trained her to mimic a special whistle, but words may take a little longer. Jessie and Hazel look for ripe fruit in the fig trees just outside Jessie's kitchen
Jeff and Lindsay More pics on Page 2. Just a little snack: Marc, Paul, Cath

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