Agulhas - tip of Africa

February 2009

After a wonderful time on the whale-trail Mish, Colleen, Flee, Fanie, Doreen and Jules had yet another treat, a short visit to Cape Agulhas.

We stayed at an amazing weatherbeaten historic house called 'Southermost' which, true to its name, stands right at the wild and windy shoreline. There we swam in the very chilly ocean - well, Flee and Jules did, not sure about any others!! And all enjoyed a delicious dinner that we did not cook for ourselves :-)

Next day we walked along the rocky shore to the very tip of Africa, visiting the Agulhas lighthouse along the way.

Scroll down for more photos. There's also a link to Meg's B&B at 'Southermost' at the bottom of the page.

You can find more information about 'Southermost' here.

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