Jules' pics - 2003 - plus two from Roz

VIP visitor to Queensland - Jessie-Ma - page 2
Sept-Oct 2003

Continuing from the first page about Jessie's visit...

In between our Townsville Strand walks and local trips (and of
course more coffee and chat) Jessie kept her knitting needles flying
while keeping an eye on world news on the TV. Meanwhile, I shuttled back
and forth to James Cook University to disturb the piles of books and
scientific papers I'm supposed to be ploughing through.

Then we flew together from Townsville to Brisbane and settled into a small apartment for the weekend.

On the Saturday John and Roz came to visit us there, wonderful folks that they are, having left at the crack of dawn to drive all the way from their horse-filled hobby-farm near Coffs Harbour to the big city.

Thereby they very kindly saved us the long drive (at least 800km round trip) and avoided extra strain on Jessie and in particular her leg. (Hold thumbs, by then her leg at last seemed to be looking a little better, but still a long way to go before it's properly healed.)

Together we went to the stables on the outskirts of the city where Roz' daughter Claire, who now works in Brisbane, keeps her horse in very pleasant surroundings. It was a delightful horsey interlude with minimal effort on our part. Followed by a delicious lunch at Claire and Nick's home, with lots more talk and time to look at a lovely set of pictures of Roz and John's miniature horses back on the farm -- thanks to Roz for the two photos of hers below.

On Sunday we had Brenda and Philip to visit for a lot of gesels over a simple lunch on the verandah of our apartment. They also very kindly drove to Brisbane to reduce Jessie's travelling, not as far for them as for John and Roz, but also very much appreciated -- it was lovely to get together!

The next day we packed up and I saw Jessie-Ma safely onto her plane to Canberra, where Raoul and Helen picked her up from the airport. (Then I flew back to Townsville to try to get my frazzled brain back into gear for university!)

After a week in Canberra, Jessie continued on her journey to Canada and USA - see pics on the next page. She got back home in early November, and I HOPE she's already thinking about her next visit here because I'm looking forward to it already!

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