Jules's stuff

Feb 2011: In Townsville, Cyclone Yasi

Jun 2010: Jeshan gets some (way overdue) attention

Feb 2010: To SA for Jeff and Lynn's Wedding

Jan-Feb 2009: Another SA trip - Whaletrail, Agulhas, and Laura and Mark's Wedding

Oct 2008: Sad farewell to Jessie-Ma

Jul 2008: We all celebrated Jessie-Ma's 90th birthday!

Feb 2007: Jules takes on a Townsville unit - of the "in need of work" variety...

Nov 2006: Terribly sad news

Nov 2006: Jessie and Jules went to Seychelles

Feb 2005: Marc and Solveig's Wedding

Jan 2005: Visit to Colleen, Mish, Shingi and Temba

Oct 2003: VIP visitor Jessie-Ma in Brisbane

Oct-Nov 2003: Jessie and family in USA and Joburg

Sep 2003: VIP visitor Jessie-Ma in Townsville

Aug 2003: Mish, Colleen, Shingi and Temba come to Queensland!

Aug 2003: Direct from the nation's capital - a surprise visit from Raoul and Helen

(lots to fill in here when I get around to it!)

Dec 2000: Family Gathering in Cape Town

Aug-Nov 2000: Islands, Reefs and Rivers, North Queensland

Jul 2000: Ant plant trip

Jul 2000: Quick visit to Brenda and Philip, Hazel and Jim

Dec 1999: Marc comes to visit in Cairns

Aug-Oct 1999: Jeshan goes to PNG

May-June 1999: Family get together in New York

May 1999: Over the ranges - blisters and botany... I'm still trying to get this together, sorry about the delay.

Sep 1998: Camper van trip Cairns to Tintenbar

Aug 1998: Mount Mulligan Station

Even more ancient history... hope I'll get around to doing more here but don't hold your breath.

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