Jules' pictures - 1999

Marc's visit to Cairns

After being out of reach of phone lines and internet connections for a while (yes, sailing!)
I got back in late November to find this note from my nephew Marc in my email in-box:

Hi Jules
Just arrived back in shitty cold and rainy London this morning.
There's no joking around now - it REALLY IS winter here. I'm just
wondering what your plans are for the next month or so. I leave
for Oz this Sun 21 st and will try and head off up the coast as
soon as possible...

A couple of weeks later I met him late on a wet tropical evening at the Cairns bus terminal. He had a big pack on his back and a big smile on his face -- despite having just done close to 3,000 km in a cramped bus seat. It was an almost non-stop journey from Sydney with brief meal breaks the only chance to stretch his legs along the way. (Yes, Australia is a big country.)

Below are a few pics I took during Marc's stay.

But first, here's the story from Marc's email, written just before leaving Australia to fly back to London on 28 January 2000:

After a backside-testing 48hours on the bus, I finally united
with Jules in Cairns, she having just flown back from a quick
visit to Tintenbar. After catching a cab to the Cairns Cruising
Yacht Squadron, where Jeshan was moored a little way up the creek,
we piled all our belongings into the trusty inflatable dinghy and
rowed against a light current upstream to Jeshan. Not quite the
same as parking in your driveway and walking through the front
door; now it was time to adjust to life on Jules' 28ft floating

The ensuing two weeks certainly gave me a great taste of Cairns,
its tropical coastline, the Great Barrier Reef and life on a yacht.
First on the agenda was hiking and camping as volunteers for the
Parks Dept on some spectacular coastline north of Cape Tribulation
and the Daintree National Park. Dark, still forest, fringed by
coconut-laden palm trees, white beaches and endless turquoise
sea... No more ulcers.

Then it was back into Cairns again for a 4 day dive course,
sponsored by Jules. There are probably not many better places in
the world to take a dive course. Day three and four were spent out
on the reef floating in a world of bubbles and fish and coral.
Altogether a very professional outfit and highly worthwhile course.
One really gains an appreciation of the reef as a precious
attraction as well, so thanks for the Xmas present Jules.

With the great weather conditions still playing our way, there
was just enough time for Jules to treat me to some sailing. We
spent two days snorkeling around Sandy Cay, and slept a night
anchored in the shelter of Double Island. Hats off to Jules for
some nervous negotiating through the coral outcrops. The cherry
on the top was the sunset greeting us on the return into Cairns
(see pic below).

Thanks again Jules for having me on board. Despite the sandflies,
I loved every moment, especially morning coffee and muesli on deck.
I hope to be back again soon.

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On the way to Cedar Bay

Queensland's far north coast, looking towards Cedar Bay.

Marc on the hike in to Cedar Bay, which has no road access.
[Right] Our camp at Cedar Bay.
Our water supply was this pretty creek, a ten minute walk from camp.

And the Cedar Bay beach was our "front yard".
Cairns at sunset [Left]
Marc's day on board was enhanced by a beautiful sunset, just as Jeshan approached the harbour after our sailing and snorkelling trip of the previous two days.

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