Jules' pictures - 1999

Family get together in New York - Page 1
May-June 1999

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NY p2 - Memorial Day Fair

NY p3 - That awesome red truck!

NYp4 - Social activities

NY p5 - On the tourist trail

NY p6 - Still more pics

In front of Carl's house.

Zak, Hans, Jules, Jessie, Lybi, Amiel
Carl's back yard, a leafy green oasis
in the northern suburbs of New York.

It's the scene of lots of family
outdoor activities on fine spring
and summer days.
Battles with light sabres are played out
in inner space too!

For the proper details you need to ask Amiel
about Darth somebody and all the rest.
(No, Jules, NOT Darth Vader!)
Carl and Hans paint the new garden shed
which Carl built - a traditional style barn
on a small scale.
Zak and Amiel take to the hammock
for a break between Star Wars adventures,
sports and school activities.
Carl gets stuck into the veggie
garden at the weekend...
...and the next crop is on the way!

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