Quick visit to...

Brenda and Philip and Family
July 2000

I was lucky to have the chance to visit Brenda and Philip while their VIP visitors Hazel and Jim (Brenda's parents) were with them!
These first two pics taken in front of Brenda and Philip's new home on the Gold Coast, just before we set off with Brenda for a drive down the coast, including...
... a picnic lunch beside my shed at Tintenbar.
Back at Brenda and Philips' we topped off a delicious dinner with a round of icecream.
And Teva had to take over icecream distribution to ensure that everyone got their just desserts... (oops!)
Early morning coffee on the patio overlooking the water -- birds below already anticipating...
...a welcome handout from Hazel, here down at the waterside, below the steep slope down from the patio. (Philip's photo)

And now below a few pics from other various sight seeing trips that Hazel and Jim did with Brenda and Philip, all Philip's photos.
And just a special thank you to Jim and Hazel for coming ALL THIS LONG WAY to visit OZ...

PS: We're already looking forward to your next visit, Jim and Hazel, so you intrepid Karoo travellers get on with those plans NOW!

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