Volunteer assistants needed for marine field work

to all who have already helped with my fieldwork!

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Who can volunteer?

I'm looking for fit and active people who will be happy to spend long days in a small open boat, who like practical tasks, have time to spare and WANT to volunteer.

Our boats are small so agility is important for moving about safely. You will also need strength to help with loading and unloading equipment, pulling up the anchor, hauling ropes, etc.

We don't go out in extreme weather but "normal" weather can be windy or wet and either too hot or too cold, so I need people who are happy to be outdoors even when conditions are not ideal.

Volunteers need to be comfortable spending the day in a no-smoking workplace.

You will need to arrange your own transport to/from the starting point.

What can volunteers expect to get out of this?

The best part, in my opinion, is experiencing the marine environment first hand and seeing a variety of marine life.

You'll gain fieldwork experience and develop skills in small boat operations and wildlife behavioural studies, most useful if you're a student (or will be in future) in a related field.

You'll be making a hands-on contribution to marine conservation. You can find more info about my project on a separate page.

Field work volunteers needed soon

Location: Western Moreton Bay
Dates: Intermittently during 2006-07
Individual days arranged at short notice.
Activities: Habitat survey, turtle tracking, vessel traffic surveys

Whant more info?

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